Sulaimon Babatunde known as Tundenny is A Nigerian Professional Graphic Designer who specializes in all kinds of design such as designing of Flyer HandBills, Business Card, Flex Banner, Invitation Cards, Shows Design, Posters, Video/ Photo Editing and he is also known as a super fast typist in MS Word Office.

Below are the Latest Photo Edition Tundenny has done for year 2021.

Tundenny Photos for 2021

Tundenny is very excited to be a Photo / Video Editor, Tundenny started his Editing since year 2020 and even willing to learn more about Edition, you get easily get some video / photo editing from Tundenny if you need one by contacting him through any of his Social Media Profile and by using his Mail to message him up.Tundenny is willing to accomplish alot of things in Graphic Designing in the next year we are to get in which is known as 2021 the latest year of joy and happiness.Tundenny already have some latest packages for the year 2021 we are about to choose as the latest year.

Tundenny Offers

Flyer Handbills, Flex Banner, Posters, Shows Design, Video Edition, Photo Edition and Lot More

Tundenny is A Professional in making of Graphic Designing such as Flyers, Posters, Flex Banners, Business Card, Wedding Cards and More like Editing of Videos & Photos, also an advanced fast Typist.

Graphic Designs

Tundenny is A Professional in all kind of Graphic Designs, also A specialist in more skills as well apart from Graphic Designs.

Photo Edition

Tundenny is an expert in Photos Editing, all Tundenny’s photos was edited by himself with the help of A software known as Photoshop

Video Edition

Tundenny is also good in Editing of Videos with the use of Camtasia Software, using more type of effect in videos to customer’s satisfaction.

  • Create a strong brand image. In one survey, 77 percent of the top marketers in the UK said branding is an important factor in company growth
  • Provide quality content.
  • Match multiple channels.

More About Graphic Designs


Always Practice More, Do more search on the Internet, Try a Different Ideas


Use A Sketchbook. Keep a sketchbook for all the ideas that come to you.

Create A Business Website. Creating a design website to showcase your work is one of the best ways to get a massive amount of exposure.

Get A Design Book Published.

About Me

Sulaimon Babatunde Known as ‘Tundenny’ is the owner and founder of Tundenny graphic Suite in the year 2020.

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tubabanoni@gmail.com or tubabanoni01@gmail.com
(+234) 8027041881

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Suite 47, Block “C”, Shopping Complex, Bogije, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

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