Tundenny Drawing Artist Update

According to Sulaimon Babatunde A Nigerian Professional Graphic Designer who is known as Tundenny once said he is an Artist (Drawing Artist) which he stated that Drawing Artist is the second to the skills he learnt about many years ago before a became a Graphic Designer, tundenny said he will be doing his drawing of some things and his photos in year 2021 as part of his achievement in the above year we are, he is also using this blog post to remind audiences about his drawing skills he learnt for so many years ago that so soon he will try his possible best to make sure non of his skills is left over. Tundenny has his drawing experience most by himself but with the help of a young man who is known as his Boss enhanced him with is knowledge and understanding in Art Drawing, his boss name who thought him how to become a perfect drawing artist is Frank Ikechukwu.

Tundenny is A Young Man who is so knowledgeable and hardworking hoping to have more experience, more skills also love to try new things apart from being only a Graphic Designer, tundenny has alot of hand work which are not even related to Computer Graphic Designing such as Art and Sign, but as we all know anything that is mentioned as Art it almost part of Graphic Designs as well. In year 2021 tundenny promise to do a lot of things related to his skill more like doing an advance Graphic Designs, Video Editing change of style, Photo Editing in new system, already he had his photos published in the month of January/February 2021 which we all know is also one of his plan to be acquired in year 2021.

If you need more information about Tundenny, help or questions you can easily contact with this telephone number 08027041883 or 08102973846, Email Address tubabanoni@gmail.com or tubabanoni01@gmail.com.

Published by Tundenny

Sulaimon Babatunde popularly known as "Tundenny" was born 28 October, He is the owner and founder of Tundenny Graphic Suite which specialized in Graphic Designs such as Flyers HandBill, Posters, Flex Banner, Business Card, Invitation Cards and lot More... Addition programs which are included to be running in his Organization are Photoshop, Microsoft etc....

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