Tundenny is a Nigerian Professional Graphic Designer who specializes in all kind of Designs such as Business Card, Flyer HandBills, Flex Banner, Poster, Show Designs, Photo and Videos Editing

Tundenny Free Graphic Designs Begins and Expires

15th of March, free Graphic Design Expires, free Graphic Designs always takes place every year on the 8th of March and ends on 15th of March.

Tundenny Higher Quality Designs

Almost all Graphic Designs Tundenny has done for any of his client he always give higher qualities of Designs which include the particular design below: Business Card Flyer HandBills Flex Banner Posters If you need a Good/Professional Graphic Designs kindly contact Tundenny with phone number: 08027041883 or 08102973846. For messaging through email address text to:Continue reading “Tundenny Higher Quality Designs”

Tundenny posted a Video on social media which explains about his Bio

Tundenny posted a Video this morning being on Sunday 14th of March, 2021 this video explains about his Biography and also talked about his education, tundenny was born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area, Bogije Town, He schooled his Primary School at Roman Catholic Mission Nursery and Primary School which his in his Hometown Bogije, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and he also studied his secondary at Iwerekun Community High School in Lagos Nigeria in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area then that was where he stopped his Educational Level due to some reasons, He moved on to a place were he could learn some hand work.

Below is the video he shared:

Tundenny started his Graphic Design Skills from aged 16 years old begun to learn his Designs in an Organization called Sammy Prints which is owner by Mr. Samson Raji Elemoro who is his Boss. Tundenny served Mr. Samson Raji Elemoro from 2009 to 2014 when he finally free from his boss a went to different type of organization to work as an employee, reasons of him moving around from one organization to another was to testify if his is good enough in his skills he acquired from Sammy Prints Organization. But he was finally recommended by each of his Boss whom he worked for as an employee. The organizations Tundenny worked at are.

Ella Hart Nursery and Primary School in Ibeju-Lekki Lagos

Modern Computer Technology in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

De-Conglomerated Property and Construction Company in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

tundenny photo 2021

That is not the end, apart of Graphic Design skills tundenny had already acquired some skills from different Bosses before he became a Professional Graphic Designer, He learned to be a Drawing Artist from Frank Ikechukwu and he also learned an Art and Sign Skills from Mr. Damilare. But mostly, Tundenny is more interested with his Graphic Design skills than others of his work he has acquired, he as done a lot of Graphic Designs for people which they recommends him as a Professional in Graphic Designs, below is one of his Graphic Design:

Tundenny as done alot of Amazing Graphic Designs for people and he is still doing more in case you need his services.


Tundenny Mother’s name is Sulaimon Olabisi and his Father’s name is Isa Muse Sule, he has Five Junior one’s namely Sulaimon Aminat, Sulaimon Ibrahim, Sulaimon Fatima, Sulaimon Mubarak, Sulaimon Musediq.

Tundenny Brothers and Sisters name are:

Sulaimon Aminat
Sulaimon Ibrahim
Sulaimon Fatima
Sulaimon Mubarak
Sulaimon Musediq

Tundenny friends are, David and Frank he has a lot of friends but the one in this list are the major tit friends he got. Frank has been his Childhood friend, they grow up together in same town in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. While David his is Best Friend he Love most than the others.

Free Graphic Designs from Tundenny ends on this 15 of March

Sulaimon Babatunde A Young Man known as Tundenny gives free Graphic Designs to whosoever that would love to testify his services, his free Graphic Designs ends on the 15th March, 2021 which is just 5 day to go.

Tundenny photo

He also said, as from now on his Free Graphic Designs will always be coming up on the 8th of March and ends up on the 15th March every year. All Graphic Designs that will be made by him from 18th – 15th of March is going for Free. Tundenny is using this moment to show himself to his client’s that he is Trustworthy and he also know the value of his Customers.

Get Free Graphic Designs from Tundenny starting from now till 15th of March, 2021

Free Graphic Designs is on now get your soft copy of your design through WhatsApp or with your email address, to get your own designs from Tundenny, you can easily contact this phone number 08027041883 or 08102973846, better still you can drop your messages into this email box at tubabanoni@gmail.com or tubabanoni01@gmail.com.

Free Graphic Designs From Tundenny

A Nigerian Young Man known as Tundenny wish to give free graphic designs to anybody who may need it, this free Event will be starting from 8th March ends 15th of March, 2021. Design recommend to be done for whosoever may need services are;

Flyer HandBills

Flex Banner


Shows Design.

For more information about this free events please check out the flyer at the top of this blog or kindly check below to contact any of this number:

Phone number: 08027041883 or 08102973846, you can drop your message into the mail box below

tubabanoni@gmail.com or tubabanoni01@gmail.com.

When did Tundenny Publish his first Wallpaper?

1st of January, 2021

1st of January, 2021 Tundenny Published his first wallpapers on google which he mentioned as one of his improvement skills in year 2021.

wallpaper video

Business Card Design from Tundenny

Get an higher quality of Business Card from tundenny for more information kindly contact phone number 08027041883 or 08102973846 you can easily drop your messages in this email box tubabanoni@gmail.com or tubabanoni01@gmail.com.

Tundenny_Easy Way to add Light to photos with photoshop

way to add light to a photo

Quicky watch the video uploaded by Tundenny showing how you can add a Light reflection to your image with the use of your Photoshop, below is the video or kindly click here to which this video on YouTube.

Add Light to a photo


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