Markup Codes

“@context” : “”,
“@type” : “Article”,
“name” : “Tundenny Graphic Suite”,
“author” : {
“@type” : “Person”,
“name” : “TUNDENNY”
“image” : “”,
“articleSection” : “IT IS TUNDENNY”,
“articleBody” : “Tundenny is using this moment to enlighten publicity the Real Identity of his Brand Name, it has been a very longtime Sulaimon Babatunde as been using this name even before it got to the internet, this Brand Name was created from Tundenny experience based on Business ideal he is looking forward into in nearest future, Tundenny uses this Brand Name to create His Own Personal Nickname Name / Organization Name which is Popularly known as Tundenny Graphic Suite in the year 2020.

This Brand Name is Tunde but additional Alphabet that was included is nny Tundenny Generated A Yoruba Language spell to forged his Brand/Nickname, This Tundenny in Yoruba Language means Tunde Nii while in English Language it means IT IS TUNDE OR IT IS TUNDENNY.

Alot of people must have been worried about this, like what is the meaning of Tundenny? Normal, it is just a Brand/Nickname, but to Tundenny experience it is a meaning not just a Brand/Nickname.


Tundenny has been using the above Brand/Nickname since aged 16 years when he became A Graphic Designer but unfortunately, he was not visible on internet then because he was not ready yet for publication of his Designs, Tundenny decided to Publish his Designs on the internet in the year 2020 due to enough/reach Professional Graphic Design work.”,
“url” : “”

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