Tundenny’s Mum Birthday_Today is the Day

Congratulations to Tundenny’s Mother who is known as Mrs Sulaimon Olabisi, Mrs. Sulaimon Olabisi is now 50 years old today being 19th of December 2020. Using the moment to wish Tundenny’s Mum an Happy Birthday with LongLife and Prosperity may God blesses her newly age and reward her with something valuable has from this day.Continue reading “Tundenny’s Mum Birthday_Today is the Day”

Tundenny’s Mum Birthday in A week to Arrive

Tundenny and his Mum took some Photos very early Sunday Morning being on the 13th of December, 2020 in the new week closer to Tundenny’s Mum Birthday and also did A video clip while Tundenny was asking his Mum who is know as Sulaimon Olabisi that Is she really ready for the Celebration of herContinue reading “Tundenny’s Mum Birthday in A week to Arrive”

Tundenny’s Mum Birthday in Advance Video

Tundenny wishes his Mum an Happy Birthday in Advance in this video and also uses same opportunity to invites Friends and Followers to Attend his Mum Birthday Celebration which is coming up on the 19th of December Below are Tundenny Mum’s Photos


Tundenny is using this moment to blog about his mum birthday which will be coming up on the 19th of December 2020. Giving notification to Fan, Friend and followers for this be celebration we also known it was anchored by his father who is known as Sulaimon Isa Muse. This celebration made Tundenny so happyContinue reading “COMING UP BIRTHDAY OF TUNDENNY’S MUM BEING ON 19 DECEMBER 2020.”

Tundenny Mum’s Birthday in Advance

Happy Birthday in Advance to Tundenny’s Mum who is known as Sulaimon Olabisi, Tundenny’s mother was born on the 19th of December, 1970, Sulaimon Olabisi is celebrating Her 50 years birthday being on the 19th of December, 2020. Tundenny is one of the most happiest young man to see his mother Celebrating Her 50 yearsContinue reading “Tundenny Mum’s Birthday in Advance”

Tundenny Photos_Latest Photos of the day

Tundenny took a new shot of Photos in Modem Computer Technology organization on December 2020.

Get Online Flyer HandBill Designs from Tundenny

It is very obvious that Tundenny do alot of Graphic Designs but their is one thing you need to know about this what so call graphic design is featuring with. Graphic Design has different types of Qualities which you all need to understand so that there won’t be a confusion at the end of yourContinue reading “Get Online Flyer HandBill Designs from Tundenny”

Latest Card From Tundenny

Tundenny is A Graphic Designer