Tundenny’s Mum Birthday_Today is the Day

Congratulations to Tundenny’s Mother who is known as Mrs Sulaimon Olabisi, Mrs. Sulaimon Olabisi is now 50 years old today being 19th of December 2020. Using the moment to wish Tundenny’s Mum an Happy Birthday with LongLife and Prosperity may God blesses her newly age and reward her with something valuable has from this day.Continue reading “Tundenny’s Mum Birthday_Today is the Day”

Tundenny Mum’s Birthday in Advance

Happy Birthday in Advance to Tundenny’s Mum who is known as Sulaimon Olabisi, Tundenny’s mother was born on the 19th of December, 1970, Sulaimon Olabisi is celebrating Her 50 years birthday being on the 19th of December, 2020. Tundenny is one of the most happiest young man to see his mother Celebrating Her 50 yearsContinue reading “Tundenny Mum’s Birthday in Advance”

Tundenny Photos_Latest Photos of the day

Tundenny took a new shot of Photos in Modem Computer Technology organization on December 2020.

When did Tundenny created his Organization?

10th March 2020. Tundenny created his organization which is Popularly known as Tundenny Graphic Suite on the 10th of March, 2020. Tundenny uses his Brand/Nickname to forged his organization name for betterment research so that audiences won’t get confuse from knowing his Brand Name and his Organization Name. Is Tundenny a Fast Typist? Very Fast.Continue reading “When did Tundenny created his Organization?”


Finally, Tundenny had released a new video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to explain more better about is above Brand/Nickname for better understanding to his fans and followers, Tundenny also made everything clear based on him using the same Brand Name to create His Organization name which his also known as Tundenny Graphic Suite, heContinue reading “IT IS TUNDENNY VIDEO RELEASE”


Tundenny is using this moment to enlighten publicity the Real Identity of his Brand Name, it has been a very longtime Sulaimon Babatunde as been using this name even before it got to the internet, this Brand Name was created from Tundenny experience based on Business ideal he is looking forward into in nearest future,Continue reading “IT IS TUNDENNY”


A lot of people might be wondering about this brand name called Tundenny like what is the meaning of it, truly, Tundenny is a brand name and also known as a nickname created by the owner who is known as Sulaimon Babatunde, Tundenny is not just a brand or nickname, it is known in YorubaContinue reading “IT IS TUNDENNY”