Tundenny_Easy Way to add Light to photos with photoshop

Quicky watch the video uploaded by Tundenny showing how you can add a Light reflection to your image with the use of your Photoshop, below is the video or kindly click here to which this video on YouTube. MORE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Tundenny Blue Wallpaper

Tundenny has Released some of his blue photos wallpaper and we all know he lauches his first photos Wallpaper of recent which he made a promise to release different type of colours that we are know as Blue, Red and Black it will be under maybe if more colours are to be published online.

Tundenny New Style for year 2021

Tundenny Already made some new packages of his job description for coming year 2021, Tundenny Will be making alot of changes to each of his skills we all know about which includes New Style of Photos Editing, Classic Graphic Designs, additional of Black and White Drawings to his skills they’re lot more skills Tundenny promisesContinue reading “Tundenny New Style for year 2021”

Tundenny Latest Photos_Preparing for coming of 2021

Tundenny is very excited to be a Photo / Video Editor, Tundenny started his Editing since year 2020 and even willing to learn more about Edition, you get easily get some video / photo editing from Tundenny if you need one by contacting him through any of his Social Media Profile and by using hisContinue reading “Tundenny Latest Photos_Preparing for coming of 2021”